Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mistake at Final

Fraspa final award winners for civic engagement has just be announced when suddenly a high-level city officials "went flying over the piano," as the daily Bild described it on Thursday, banging his head into the instrument and the floor.

Fights broke out in Kaisersaal from Frankfurt city hall Römer, when three-time mayoral candidate Carl Maria Schulte, 60, began the process interfere with cat calls loudly, pounding the piano keys, the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper wrote on Thursday.

When the city's long-serving chief Karlheinz protocol Voß Schulte tried to calm her and get away, both criticized and launched him on the piano, city spokesman Thomas Scheben - which does not present itself at night - said the paper.

"This is not the first time that someone has been acting at the awards ceremony," Scheben said, "but it was the first time anyone has had violence."

Scheben said Voß lucky to get away with just scrapes and bruises after the attack. Schulte sixty years, who also works as an artist by the name of Carlo di Fabio, banned from entering the city hall after the incident on June 20.

The former policeman, who had failed in a total of three bids to become mayor of Frankfurt, has a history of making a nuisance of himself in public events - either by grabbing the microphone or trying to mount the podium uninvited.